The Person You Want to Be, with Eric Teplitz

Ep. 35: Podcasting Phenom, Danny Miranda

October 17, 2023 Eric Teplitz / Danny Miranda Season 2 Episode 35
The Person You Want to Be, with Eric Teplitz
Ep. 35: Podcasting Phenom, Danny Miranda
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In September 2020, at the age of 25, Danny published Episode 1 of a long-form interview podcast called simply: The Danny Miranda Podcast.

34 months later, The Danny Miranda Podcast reached the milestone of one million plays (including downloads and YouTube views).

It is in the top 1% of all podcasts in the world in terms of its reach, and as of our recording date he has released a staggering 414 episodes.

Danny interviews some of the world’s greatest entrepreneurs and thinkers on his show, and he has recently released a course entitled “Art of Interviewing” for those who wish to learn from his experience about how to attract guests, do research, and conduct the highest-quality interviews possible.

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Opening Clip
The Person You Want to Be intro
Introducing Danny Miranda
The Sunny Times
Little League blog
Command Your Time
Knicks Vision
Wanting to be a "normal kid"
Social media = connecting with human beings
Interest in writing
Supportive family
Carpe DM
Meditation and "75 Hard"
Everything matters
Greatest difficulty
Conversation with his parents in Feb. 2020
60-day meditation challenge
Danny's superhero origin story
The Three-Month Rule
Paying the bills
Gary Vee
Two big moments
A knowing
The Surrender Experiment
Why trust is so difficult
Podcasting pace
Research vs. presence
Learnings from the process of doing 400+ episodes
Remote vs. in-person interviews
Conversations vs. interviews
Therapist or podcaster?
The Dr. Frankenstein question
A couple of Danny quotes on a life well-lived
Danny's challenge for listeners
A challenge for himself