The Person You Want to Be, with Eric Teplitz

Ep. 18: Season One Finale

December 06, 2022 Eric Teplitz Season 1 Episode 18
The Person You Want to Be, with Eric Teplitz
Ep. 18: Season One Finale
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"The Person You Want to Be" Podcast, Episode 18: Season One Finale

For this episode, I have pulled clips from each of the interviews I did for Season One, and arranged them into five categories that highlight key aspects of becoming The Person You Want to Be:

Category #1: Tapping into your own inner wisdom.
Category #2: Declaring and stepping into what it is you want.
Category #3: Taking risks and being courageous.
Category #4: Finding purpose through your pain.
Category #5: Tips for accessing your best self and best life.

Contained within you will find plenty of wisdom, insights, and inspiring stories offered up by my guests. I hope this serves you well as we come to the end of another calendar year and reflect upon the kind of person we each wish to be or become in 2023.


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The Person You Want to Be intro
Merle Saferstein: "How you live your life becomes your legacy"
Introducing the Season One finale
Gary Scott on slowing down, walking, and determining his Right Path
Lynda Monk on learning to trust herself through journaling
Gregg Levoy on discerning a calling of his via an unusual recurring "sign"
Doug Chamberlin on being a writer
Ray Fauteux on redirecting his compulsive tendencies
Daniel Maté on relating differently
Don Johnson on leaping into the unknown
Jennah-Louise Salkeld on facing her fear and being grateful she did
Eric Maisel on accepting the creative process and choosing to matter
Karissa & Sherise Schlaht on openly sharing their struggles
Mark Matousek on allowing hardship to lead to greater self-awareness
Nicole Angelique Kerr on healing from her trauma and recalling the memory of her NDE
Andy Timmons on accepting your unique gifts and not comparing yourself to others
Steve Lungrin on how to get good at something, and a great way to make life decisions you won't regret
Kara Nicole Bitar on hard work vs. conviction, commitment, and effort
Scott Samuelson on living a good life
Merle Saferstein on what matters most to her
Closing remarks