The Person You Want to Be, with Eric Teplitz

Ep. 10: Mindset Coach, Endurance Athlete, and Host of the "To Be Human" Podcast, Jennah-Louise Salkeld

August 09, 2022 Eric Teplitz, Jennah-Louise Salkeld Season 1 Episode 10
The Person You Want to Be, with Eric Teplitz
Ep. 10: Mindset Coach, Endurance Athlete, and Host of the "To Be Human" Podcast, Jennah-Louise Salkeld
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Jennah-Louise Salkeld is a mindset coach, human connection specialist, and host of the “To Be Human” podcast. On her show, she shares conversations with high achievers that get to the heart of who they are behind their personas and accomplishments, humanizing them in such a way as to challenge and inspire her listeners to get curious about and explore more of their own potential.

Jennah-Louise is also something of a high achiever herself. An avid reader, writer and self-explorer, she holds a double degree in Law, and International Relations & Politics, has solo backpacked in nearly 50 countries, and has volunteered in Kenya, India and the Northern Territory of Australia, focusing on women's empowerment groups and youth education.

In addition, she is an outdoors enthusiast and accomplished endurance athlete (who, among other things, is the only female finisher of a 24-hour military-inspired event), and was a participant on the television series Australian Survivor.

Currently, she works as a Mindset Coach to high net-worth leaders, executives, and entrepreneurs, helping them discover deeper connection, meaning and fulfillment.

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The Person You Want to Be intro
Introducing Jennah-Louise Salkeld
An interest in becoming an investigative journalist from an early age
Dreams of going to Africa
Relationship with her father and “the opportunity to be courageous”
Feeling “at home” in Kenya
Travel-filled university years
Unhappy and unfulfilled ticking all the boxes
“I felt like what I was experiencing was a life sentence”
An epiphanic moment with a coach
Filming herself through her tears
An important distinction
A life reboot
“I didn’t realize how deeply I was living in self-rejection”
“The most profound quote for me in my life”
Endurance sports
“You can make a decision to change the trajectory of your life, no matter what the age”
Starting the “To Be Human” podcast
Listeners can “see themselves in the people they look up to”
Some of Jennah-Louise’s favorite interviews for her show
Some takeaways from her podcasting journey thus far
Overcoming nerves
“It’s so worthwhile to be messy and authentic”
Three elements to the person Jennah-Louise wants to be moving forward
A technique for redirecting anxiety