The Person You Want to Be, with Eric Teplitz

Ep. 7: Musician, Educator and YouTube Personality, Steve Lungrin (aka "Piano Man Steve")

June 28, 2022 Eric Teplitz, Steve Lungrin Season 1 Episode 7
The Person You Want to Be, with Eric Teplitz
Ep. 7: Musician, Educator and YouTube Personality, Steve Lungrin (aka "Piano Man Steve")
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Known across the world on YouTube as "Piano Man Steve", Steve Lungrin is a singer/songwriter, independent recording artist, performer, and web-based piano teacher. Inspired by the great singer/songwriters of the '60s, '70s, and '80s - particularly Billy Joel and Elton John - Steve has been performing professionally for over 25 years.

Steve created the "Piano Man Approach" in 2011, where he has passed on the techniques and systems he uses as a piano player to thousands of players from dozens of countries on every inhabited continent in the world.

He maintains a busy schedule of live performances and regularly releases new studio albums of original material as well as compilation albums of cover songs.

Steve also continues to create new educational material for his international student and fan base, and the underlying philosophy he imparts to his students is simple: "If you're not having fun when you're making music, you're doing it wrong!"

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The Person You Want to Be intro
Introducing Steve Lungrin
The White House lawn & Carnegie Hall
“I was always looking for a crowd”
Belief and resistance
Steve’s piano course
Piano lessons at age 7 vs. age 12
Steve’s superhero origin story
“He made me want to go play those songs”
Billy Joel’s “Cold Spring Harbor” album
A litmus test for great music
You can complain or adapt to change
Steve’s teenage music training and experience playing in groups
The “Piano Man Approach”
Why adults have a hard time learning new things
Emotions as guidance
After high school
Getting paid to play music
“I went to college to delay having to figure out my life”
A very short stint as a bank teller
The value of formal training
Looking for different challenges
Working at his dad’s shop
The real estate agent years
The magic of being willing
An Elton John tribute show
A chance meeting changes Steve’s life
A foolproof method for not wasting your time
Things that have come out of an unplanned career path
Ten-year journey of a career on the Internet
Not a lavish life, but a great life
The joys of livestreaming
Steve’s ideal lifestyle going forward